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Introduce Vigorelle female orgasm cream to your lovemaking and boost your sex life to new heights!


Female orgasm and sexual healthSend Flowers

Vigorelle - female orgasm enhancement cream

How can Vigorelle help a woman achieve orgasm

What women would benefit the most from using Vigorelle?

Why do we recommend Vigorelle?

Sexual arousal differences between men and women

How to turn a woman on to make sure she reaches orgasm?

Stimulating the Clitoris - Clitoris Stimulation

Women who fake orgasms

Extra-marital affairs

Recommended sex books - Excellent resources!


Guide to female orgasm and sexual health

Sexual frustration, anger, sleeping on the couch, pouting...  How do you restore your sex drive to make your sex life better? How do you arouse your partner so she's an active participant in your lovemaking sessions? Women have the ability to have multiple orgasms but many can't even reach the first one.  With all the sex aids and sexual resources available, there's no reason for either partner to be sexually frustrated in this day and age.  

Be open to new ideas.  Watch adult videos together, read a sex help book on new positions and try a new one every now and then, give each other a massage, add sex toys to your lovemaking, lotions, or creams.  There's nothing wrong for a woman to want to be sexually satisfied and enjoy sex with her partner.  You need to overcome your taboos about sex, come out of your shell, and see what you've been missing!  The use of female orgasm enhancement creams is becoming an acceptable and powerful sex aid for women around the world.

Ladies, it's finally your turn!

 Vigorelle female orgasm enhancement cream

Introducing Vigorelle to your sex life

Female orgasm enhancement cream


How can orgasm creams help women reach orgasm?

 If the woman in your life has trouble reaching or just can't reach orgasm, give her a little boost.   Female orgasm creams stimulate clitoral arousal quickly and promote natural lubrication.  Rubbing the clitoris when it is dry hurts.  So make sure that her erogenous zone is always wet, but never use water because it dries too fast.  Good quality orgasm creams heighten sensations and make reaching orgasm easier and quicker.  You apply the orgasm cream on and around the clitoris and when you touch the clitoris with your finger or tongue, it gives the woman a strong warm feeling and the clitoris gets excited instantly.  One tube of Vigorelle will last you a long time, of course depending on how often you use it and how much of it.  Once she gets stronger orgasms than she's ever had before, Vigorelle might just become your best friend!

If your libido or sex drive has decreased over the years and you have lost interest in sex or your sexual desires are not what they used to be, you may want to try estraVil.  Combine both estraVil and Vigorelle and wake up that animal in you that will turn you into a real tigress in bed!


What women would benefit most from Vigorelle?

Frankly, any woman would benefit sexually with Vigorelle (so would her partner!).  However, Vigorelle can do miracles for a woman:

  • in her menopause - low sex drive and vaginal dryness often occur during menopause
  • who has trouble reaching or cannot reach orgasm
  • who does not get aroused easily
  • loses interest in sex quickly during lovemaking
  • has a low libido and sex drive
  • and any woman who just wants to spice up her sex life and experience quicker, stronger orgasms


Why do we recommend Vigorelle?

Because we've tried it, tested it, and we loved it!  Vigorelle is worth every penny and then some!

Vigorelle™ is an all natural, herbal cream activated by touch. Sometimes called "viagra for women," this product has even been described by one woman as "instant turn-on cream", and by men as "guys, never be without sex again" cream. Apply it to the most intimate parts before or during lovemaking, and prepare for unbelievably intense excitement and climaxes you've never experienced before.

How To Apply Vigorelle™
Apply a small amount to the mucus membrane, beneath the clitoris, and thoroughly rub it in to help absorption. The clitoral hood is partially keratinized and absorbs less of the beneficial ingredients than the non-keratinized underside of the clitoris. You will notice the silky smooth consistency of Vigorelle that mimics a woman's natural lubrication.

Vigorelle will last approximately 20-30 applications, of course depending on how much of it you use each time and how often you make love.  


If you already have a good sex life, make it even better!  Vigorelle will take you to new orgasmic heights.  You will enjoy stronger, much more intense orgasms and you'll be able to get to climax quicker. You may even experience multiple orgasms, maybe for the first time in your life. 

If you're a woman who has difficulty reaching orgasm, Vigorelle will give you sensations that you may have never felt before or haven't felt in a long time, making it easier for you to be sexually aroused, totally enjoying it, and reaching orgasm.  If your sex drive and libido have decreased over the years, you may also want to try estraVil to restore your sexual desires to healthy levels.

Either way, Vigorelle is a purchase you will NOT regret!  We strongly recommend it because we KNOW it works.  You'll wonder how you ever lived without it!  If for any reason you really don't like it, just return it and get your money back. Vigorelle comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

There are other orgasm creams that you can also try.  Although we can't give a personal opinion on them, it doesn't mean that they're not good products.  Viva cream and Vigel (small tube, trial size) are popular items as well.  


Sexual arousal differences between men and women

Unlike men, women are not visual when it comes to sex acts, they don't need to "see" what is going on, they want to "feel wanted and desired".  Women also need more stimulation, better and longer foreplay to get sexually aroused.  Where a man can get turned on just by looking at sexy or naked women, women admire good looking men, it's pleasant to the eye, but few experience sexual desire or get turned on simply by looking.  Grabbing a man's crotch can produce an instant erection, where if you "grab" a woman's breast or pinch her rear end, it is more often than not a turn off and/or an insult.  You might even get slapped! :)


How to turn a woman on and how to make sure the woman reaches orgasm?

Telling a woman that you care and you love her is good, but it's not enough.  You have to SHOW her.  Actions always speak louder than words.  Women feel sexually attractive or aroused with the little things that you do for her.  You can help with household chores, cook dinner or take her out, give her a night off and take care of the kids while she pampers herself and relaxes.  

If a woman does not feel desired, her brain will relate that negative feeling to her genital parts and she will not reach orgasm no matter what you do and how hard you try.  Feeling sexy starts on the inside.  

Rarely, and very few women reach orgasm through intercourse (or anal sex) alone.  Foreplay such as fondling her breasts (the whole breast) and squeezing and gently rubbing the tip of her nipples while you kiss her on the lips or kiss her neck will get things started.  


Stimulating the Clitoris - Clitoris Stimulation

A woman reaches orgasm through clitoral stimulation whether intercourse takes place or not (with the exception of a G spot orgasm).  To arouse the clitoris, it needs to be lubricated, either via natural lubrication from the vagina, saliva, or clitoris/orgasm gels or creams. Never use water as a lubricant because it dries too fast and it's not "slippery". Stimulating the clitoris when it is dry or when you're using a cheap cream that gets sticky or dries out quickly does not feel good, it hurts.  The same happens if you rub the clitoris too hard and your partner is not fully aroused.

The clitoris is extremely sensitive.  Most women like to feel your fingers or tongue around her clitoris and not directly on it at first.  Open her lips and watch her reaction as you gently massage or lick her clitoral area.  Ask her what she likes, what she wants.  Lubricate the erogenous zone area by inserting one finger at first into her vagina, (do NOT "pump" it) and sliding your finger all the way in and then pull it out slowly.  As the woman gets more aroused and wet, you can apply more pressure on the clitoris and stimulate the clitoris directly.  You can also use more than one finger and let your fingers do some of the work.

You can also introduce clitoris stimulators to your lovemaking.  There are many very good sex toys that can bring a woman to orgasm very quickly.  Get a small clitoral vibrator or lips that will mimic oral sex during intercourse.  The best position for a woman to reach orgasm through intercourse is for the woman to be on top.  She can control her lower position and movements and rub her clitoris against your penis with every stroke.  An orgasm is always stronger with intercourse.  If your partner is not comfortable touching herself and making herself reach orgasm, a good clitoral stimulator will send her to sexual heaven.




Women who fake orgasms

How can you tell whether your partner really had an orgasm or if she faked it?  Sorry guys, but... You can't!  You would never know the difference.  A few tips would be to watch her reaction after sex.  

If she had an orgasm, she'll feel satisfied and relaxed.  She will probably want to kiss, cuddle and get close to you, she'll want to stay in bed for a few minutes, she won't be energetic right away.  

On the other hand, if she didn't reach orgasm, she'll most likely be frustrated and won't want to get close to you at all, she'll get up, get dressed and start doing something to deal with the frustration.  She might even snap at you for no reason.

Women fake orgasm for various reasons but mostly because they don't want to hurt their partner's feelings.  Some women fake orgasm to "get it over with".  The majority of men believe they are great lovers.  Unfortunately, few men truly deserve this compliment. 

Men often blame their partner and say it's her fault for not reaching orgasm, calling her frigid, and saying "I did everything for .... minutes/hours and you still didn't cum! What's wrong with you?"  WRONG, WRONG WRONG!

In turn, many women blame their partner for not being attentive enough, not doing enough or doing it wrong, but they won't say anything, they don't ask for what they really want, they don't tell their partner what feels good and what they like.  They just lie there and take whatever they can get or simply tolerate the whole experience.  Then they wonder why their sex life suffers.

Communication is the key to a great sex life!

Women who have many one-night-stands or multiple sexual partners tend to fake orgasms more often than women who are into a committed relationship.  It's not uncommon for women to not reach orgasm with a brand new partner, especially if it's someone she's just met that night.  These women are often looking for attention and the feeling of being "desired" more than they are looking for sex.  Whether they enjoy sex or not is besides the point in many cases as long as they get someone to pay attention to them and take them to bed.  

A woman who is into a stable, long-term relationship and fakes orgasm almost always leads to trouble down the road.  Although she may fake enjoying sex for months or even years, the truth will eventually come out.  Then what?  Both partners are hurt, angry, frustrated, and sometimes it's enough to end the relationship.

Again... Communication is key to a great sex life. 


Extra Marital Affairs

Sexual frustration is a disaster in the making and too often leads to extra marital affairs.  Although few men leave their wife for the "other" woman, women on the other hand often leave their partner to be with the man with whom they cheated.  

Men stray mostly for sex;  they are physically attracted to another woman, they don't get enough sex at home, sex isn't satisfying anymore, their partner is not willing or doesn't "participate" during sex, she doesn't want to experiment.  

Few women cheat just for sex.  Women tend to cheat because they feel misunderstood at home, they lack the emotional connection with their partner, they feel neglected, they don't feel desired, they are taken for granted, there is little or no communication, not enough quality "together" time.  Feelings is usually the number one reason behind the affair.

Whatever the reason for your sex life to have deteriorated, both partners need to talk about it, not fight or argue, but talk about what your needs are.


Recommended sex books


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Ultimate Oral Sex Pocket Guide For Her

Written for the woman who wants to pleasure her man like never before. Learn in minutes what you'll be practicing for a lifetime!

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Ultimate Oral Sex Pocket Guide For Him

Comes with a FREE sample of flavored lube and sexy oral sex mints to help you get started right away! The Ultimate Oral Sex Pocket Guide For Him – Written for the man who wants to wow and thrill his woman like never before. Become a master of the most intimate experience a man can share with a woman!

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Complete Manual Of Sexual Positions

Learn how to hit her G-spot for fabulous orgasms,discover secrets that will make your penis come roaring back to life! And women - find out how to tighten up the vaginal P.C. muscle so you’ll both enjoy a gloriously tight fit. Here are sex positions for threesomes... anal sex positions to increase comfort and arousal... "how-to" chapters about virtually every oral sex act... and MORE! Plus, over 200 explicit full-color and black & white photos illustrate each technique described. Incredible!

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Erotic Massage Book

This arousing, step-by-step manual, with more than 100 erotic illustrations, demonstrates sensual techniques most other books leave out. Learn exotic massage techniques for the penis and testicles, the pubic mound and inside the vagina. Gently soothe your lover between the toes, up the legs, over breasts and neck. Exhilarating!

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Full color guide to better sex

Over 50 giant, full-color photos! You’ll discover arousing new variations with names like Deep Massage, Piston, Mad Plow, Double Entry, and Screw Without End. And each is erotically photographed and described in passionate detail.

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Erotic Passions Book

If You Buy Just One Item Today...Know That This Book Will Improve Your Love Life!

Dr. Kenneth Ray Stubbs Has Written A Love Manual You'll Cherish!

Easy-to-read, richly illustrated book on orgasmic massage, sensual bathing, oral pleasuring and ancient sexual positions. A must-have!


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The Government vs. Erotica: The Siege of Adam & Eve

37 armed law enforcement agents forced their way into the offices of Adam & Eve in 1986. Employees were detained without due process or access to an attorney. This was only the start of 8 years of legal battles and $3 million in legal fees that would mean the difference between survival and oblivion.

Adam & Eve President Phil Harvey writes in his own words why he became a champion for free speech as a result of tactics that the courts later said were "intrusive and intimidating" – and how for creating the catalog you hold in your hands, he could have spent 45 years in Federal prison.


Product Picture

Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions

“Even if you think you’ve done it every way possible, I bet you’ll find some new ways to bend in here.”
– Libido: The Journal Of Sex

In his newest book, Dr. Ray Stubbs reveals the ancient “love scripture” known in the West as the “bible of sex.” With over 100 colorful images of lovers in explicit sexual embrace ... this book is a treasury of ideas for making love! Arousing and entertaining for lovers old and new.

Product Picture

The art of the female orgasm

For Couples Who Want More Out of Sex

This sensual, yet explicit book will give the unadorned facts about many different kinds of sex. It also spells out clearly many helpful ways to share and learn from this information, to grow your relationship––and to derive greater pleasure than ever from sex.

Knowledge doesn't make the magic go away, it makes it more powerful! Fully illustrated and delightfully shameless, even the most experienced lovers will learn new tricks for many exciting nights of Satisfaction.


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The Complete Guide To Sexual Fulfillment

This concise and practical handbook is brimming with information you can use to enrich and improve your sex life. Vividly illustrated with over 300 color photos, you'll see how easy it is to create a sexy setting, to identify you and your lover's deepest sexual needs and fantasies––and then satisfy them!

Product Picture

Secret Sexual Positions

Excellent For Couples & Curious Individuals!

Stunning artwork and sexual techniques from ancient sex-positive cultures such as India (The Kama Sutra), Asia, Native Americans and more. Because these images and stories were originally created for royalty, they were kept secret--but no longer! Presented in a non-threatening, non-judgmental fashion, you’re bound to learn something new about sex--and yourself as well! See how sex was regarded as a healing, joyful power to be shared and revered.

Product Picture

Guide to Great Sex for couples over 40

Many ways loving couples can keep the spark alive.

Attitudes, turn-ons, and accoutrements are all fully discussed, as are the physical issues some couples might find themselves facing.  

Learn how to invigorate your sex life with these techniques.




Kama Sutra 

Visit the Kama Sutra store for erotic sex toys for men and women, massage oils, videos and books.  Make your sex life sizzle!

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