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Plazan Natural Skin care and body care products

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Who and what is Plazan Skin Care?

Plazan Skin Care products used and endorsed by Jennifer Lopez

Facial Skincare for Oily Skin

Facial Skin Care for Normal Skin

Sensitive skin Anti-aging eye and lip cream

Breast and cleavage enhancement cream

Anti-cellulite and flabby skin cream

Hand and foot cream

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Plazan Collagen Cream - Professional Skin Care Line (50ml)

Plazan collagen cream's active components strengthen synthesis of the skin own collagen and elastin, prevents wrinkling, actively nourishes, and hydrates the skin at all depths, prevents general skin presenilation


plazan advanced and professional private label Skin Care line

As seen in Self, Time and Life Extension magazines

and used by Jennifer Lopez as featured on VH1

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Plazan cosmetic Milk with Collagen for skin nourishment
  • Lightens skinmilk with collagen skin nourishment

  • Increases blood micro-circulation in upper skin layers, leading to improved general skin tone

  • Helps to remove toxins from the dermis

  • Gives skin softness and elasticity

  • Stimulates synthesis of skin own collagen

  • Prevents wrinkles

Plazan cosmetic Milk with Hyaluronic Acid for wrinkles prevention - Hyaluronic acid has been called "the fountain of youth" because of its skin rejuvenation and anti wrinkle properties.
  • Lightens skincosmetic milk with hyaluronic acid prevent wrinkles prevention
  • Increases processes of metabolism and general skin tone
  • Gives skin elasticity
  • Prevent and eliminate wrinkles
  • Hydrates intercellular space on all depths
  • Possesses skin rejuvenation properties
  • Removes irritation
  • Protects the skin from external factors influences


Plazan cream–Scrub deep skin cleansing, freshens and improves your complexion,  cleans pores and refreshes your skin - all skin typesfacial cream scrub deep skin cleansing freshen improve complexion
  • Effectively peeling necrotic cells
  • Removes pollution and clears pores
  • Stimulates blood circulation and exchange processes
  • Normalizes skin acid-base balance
  • Saturates with nutritious components from placenta


Plazan deep Milk Cleanser - deep skin cleansing and make-up removal, leaves your skin feeling fresh and satin soft - all skin typesdeep milk facial cleanser skin cleansing makeup removal cream clean skin improve skin tone soften skin
  • Thoroughly cleanses skin of make-up, dirt and oil
  • Lightens skin
  • Increases blood micro-circulation in upper skin layers, leading to improved general skin tone
  • Helps remove toxins from the dermis
  • Gives skin softness and elasticity



 Plazan Skin Care - World leader in beauty, skin, and body care and cosmeceutical products

Not only does Plazan offer skin care products according to your skin type, but you also get to choose the most appropriate product based on your age group as well.  A woman in her 50's does not need the same skin treatment as a woman in her early 20's.  As we age, our skin requires better skin rejuvenation properties, more protection and also more care.  It is every woman's dream to have flawless skin as she gets older.  And Plazan understands that. 

Plazan cosmeceutical skincare products (facial creams, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle), collagen creams and masks, and body care products are recognized worldwide to be the best in beauty care at the most affordable prices.  Plazan skincare products have won awards for professional, advanced skincare technology, which is said to be some 10 years ahead of their closest competition!  Plazan products are used in top beauty clinics worldwide and endorsed by many celebrities.

"Plazan openly state all product ingredients and active components and explain the reason for each of them and the benefit gained by their use. Plazan products are made with all-natural, compatible components that provide real benefits without negative secondary effects. 

"Plazan" is a dynamically developing company, which leads in both science, and the manufacturing industry.
The quality of products set them apart from other brands, allowing the consumer to estimate it at its true worth."

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Jennifer Lopez reveals her beauty secrets!jennifer lopez celebrity skincare beauty products

Pop sensation Jennifer Lopez has revealed the secret to keeping her skin looking younger for longer - placenta facial treatment.

The chart topping diva, also star of a number of box office hits, has joined the number of A-grade celebs regularly using the treatment originally discovered by Russian scientists.

Her closely guarded secret was revealed in a world exclusive report on the VH1 show, the fabulous life of Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony, broadcast on the 6th of June 2005. During the program J.Lo talked openly about her placenta collagen face masks.  Read more...

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Facial skin care for oily skin

Facial Care Diamond Series have been specially designed for oily skin.  Morning, afternoon or evening, your skin will look and feel fresh without the "glow" that oily skin tends to project.

Facial Day Creams for Oily Skin

Freshness Cream - Diamond Series (50ml)


Plazan freshness day cream is recommended for young skin, women aged 20-25.  Provides and preserves the skin's natural moisture throughout the day.  Gives skin cells the nutrients they need.  If you haven't started a good skin care program yet, this is a good time to get into the routine.  You'll be glad you did in 20 years!


Plazan Youth Day Cream - Diamond Series (50ml)

Plazan youth day cream diamond is recommended for women between the ages of 25 and 35. Youth day cream contains fetal glycosaminoglycans, which easily penetrate into middle and deep layers of derma, effectively moisten them, thus decreasing the risk of premature wrinkles.

Maximum Day Cream - Diamond Series


Plazan maximum day cream diamond is recommended for women over 35.  Now your skin requires more attention and complete care to prepare for the years ahead.  Maximum day cream diamond hydrates the skin well, completely absorbs and protects the skin from external influences.




Facial Night Creams for Oily Skin


Youth Night Cream - Diamond Series (50ml)

Plazan youth night cream diamond is recommended for 25 to 35-year-old women. Based on low-molecular components, this cream enhances cell nourishment throughout the dermis and epidermis optimizing cell metabolism while your skin is at rest while you sleep.


Maximum Evening Cream - Diamond Series (50ml)

Recommended for women over 35.  It is suggested to use the evening cream in conjunction with the night cream twice a year for better and lasting results.  Maximum evening cream diamond has been developed to stimulate the cellular groups responsible for skin structure and function, although it also intensely hydrates skin, makes it smooth and soft and has a slight lifting effect.


Plazan Maximum Night Cream - Diamond Series (50ml)

Also for women over 35.  Now your skin requires more attention and care.  Plazan maximum night cream diamond is designed to actively nourish all types of skin cells, increasing cell metabolism and efficacy. It also has a slight lifting effect.  Apply maximum night cream about 30 minutes after the evening cream for best results.  With the use of all 3 creams - day, evening and night - your skin will quickly restore its water-retaining ability, and fine lines and wrinkles will be smoothed and less visible.


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Facial Skin Care for Normal or Dry Skin

Plazan Gold series creams nourish, hydrate and protect your skin.  They work even at the deepest skin layers to enhance and maintain the good health of your skin.  The placental ingredients included in Plazan facial skin care products are more readily accepted by our bodies than traditional components from plant extracts.  This is because they are exactly the same as those found naturally in skin cells.  Plazan Facial Care Gold Creams nourish the skin with those genuine components needed to renew aged cells and molecules.

Day Cream - Gold Series (50ml)

Day cream, Gold series, is a universal protective cream that reduces water loss from the skin and protects your skin against harmful external factors. It is suitable for all skin types and women of all ages, and it is recommended to apply from 15-years age.


Plazan Evening Cream - Gold Series (50ml)

Evening cream is recommended for aging skin.  It contains oligosaccharide and other active ingredients that together nourish and hydrate even the deepest skin layers, rejuvenating skin cells, improving skin appearance and smoothing out wrinkles.  It is recommended to use evening cream in conjunction with night cream twice a year for better and lasting results.


Plazan Night Cream - Gold Series (50ml)

Plazan Night Cream Gold contains 0,05% of low-molecular peptides, essential amino acids from fetal cell extracts. They wonderfully nourish skin cells on all depths of derma, especially at night time when their activity is maximal.  Night cream possesses high reparative and immune-stimulating activity and is recommended for women aged 25 and older.  Apply the night cream approximately 30 minutes after evening cream.


Sensitive skin - best anti-aging, anti-wrinkle eye and lip cream

BY FAR the best eye cream I have ever used!  The appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth are often the first signs that your skin is beginning to age.  Stop the aging process before it makes you look older than you really are!  Every woman wants to have smooth and fresh and young looking skin.  Now you can!  

Plazan Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

Plazan Anti Wrinkle Cream is specially created to smooth out wrinkles in the thin and delicate areas around the eyes. The number of wrinkles is reduced and the puffiness and tiredness around the eyes disappears.


Plazan Anti-Wrinkle Lip Contour Cream

The protective skin layer is very thin on our lips.  The active ingredients in Anti-Wrinkle Lip Contour Cream stimulate blood capillary growth and reparation, restoring the natural, healthy pink color and skin elasticity and recuperating lip contours.  If you have chapped lips apply several times per day.  Only a very small amount of cream is needed.  Rub into lips until completely absorbed.



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  Breast, bustline and decollete enhancement cream

Plazan Body Care Breast Cream Gold imageBreast cream 

Look fantastic in your evening gown, lingerie or summer clothing! Natural breast cream nourishes and strengthens the skin and muscles of your breasts.  It restores the elasticity and natural shape of your breasts and nipples.

Decollete Cream Gold - Body Care imageDecollete cream

Specially developed for the neck and cleavage areas. Attractive wrinkle free neck and decollete that gives a hint of your beautiful, natural breasts. Intensely nourishes skin cells and prevents wrinkles. 

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 Curative anti-cellulite and flabby skin cream

Curative Anti-Cellulite Cream

Embarrassed to show your arms and legs?  Treat flabby skin and cellulite and see noticeable results in as little as 10 to 30 days!  Anti-Cellulite Cream nourishes and hydrates the upper dermis layers keeping your skin toned and increases blood circulation to affected areas.

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Hand and foot cream

Hand Cream Body Care Hand Cream

If you want to guess a woman's age, look at her hands.  Don't let people guess right when they look at yours!  General housework, gardening, cold weather, sun exposure, dryness in the home or workplace, and every day tasks can put quite a strain on your hands to damage the skin and promote early wrinkles. Protect your hands against these harmful influences.Enjoy beautiful, young looking hands that won't reveal your age!

Body Care - Foot Cream Foot cream

Our feet support all our body weight every day yet we tend to pay little attention to foot care.  Plazan foot cream allows your feet to breathe even through your footwear.  If you have a job that requires you to stand for long periods of time, or have kids at home and you're on your feet all day, this foot cream will soothe and nourish the skin of your feet to get rid of the rough spots and rejuvenate and smooth your heels and soles.


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